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Your local treasure hunt!
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A vacation is not complete until you have had your local treasure hunt. Join our authentic tour of the city and discover the urban side of the region through the largest city around Punta Cana originated from a pilgrimage to the Basilica of Higuey.

A tour that opens your eyes and will allow you to be in close contact with the life of the people of the Dominican Republic We take you out of the resort area to the beach of Macao, known for its good surf waves and –schools. The wild sea is a plus to take amazing pictures.

Before we reach Higuey, the biggest city in the East, we drive through the little village of La Seiba where we stop at a school.

The children love to see you come prepared with some pencils, colors or other utilities. Then in Higuey we visit the largest and most important church in the country, the Basilica of Altagracia.

Take a walk along the main street and observe the day-to-day activity in the city; cafeterias, shoeshine and fruit stands and their suppliers on the daily street market. Visit the church of San Dionisio built more than 500 years ago! A visit to “Mundo Autentico” will show you how coffee is made, rum, chocolate and the famous Dominican cigars. To show you the contrast we will visit a big modern grocery store to end the tour with. 



Transportation from and to your hotel, water, entrance fees.


Bring some school utilities.

Babies 0-2 are free
Children 2-11 pay 50%
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